Kim Matthews 

  •  Managing Director of the Durban Music School
  • Chairperson of The KwaZulu-Natal Youth Wind Band
  • CEO of The Paw-Paw Foundation
  • Deputy President of The Durban Guangzhou Sister Cities Association

Managing Director: Kim Matthews

DMS (Durban Music School) is brimming with projects, which try to reach out to children who would otherwise never have the opportunity to encounter this art form. Some of these include busing children in from a children’s home near Hammersdale for their weekly music lessons.  

Another very successful project has grown over the last four years from the idea that Kim had when she asked Rand Merchant Bank to partner with the Durban Music School to start a project at the Open Air School. This school caters for children who are physically disabled and the majority of the junior school learners are now learning an instrument.This project won an award from BASA in 2013.   

Being seen as a mother by most of the musicians who have passed through the doors of DMS, Kim cannot think of any other occupation that could be as rewarding as this. 

 Although she was an award winning trained goldsmith and jewellery designer for 25 years, she would never dream of doing anything other than what she does now. 

Her ambition is not to turn out 450 perfect musicians every year, but rather, she believes in providing teachers with a good income, giving children an excellent grounding in music education, growing the future audience, providing the music industry with well educated and capable musicians who can do a good job as well as help to bring back music programs to our schools.